Do You Need a Heart Attack?

A few days ago I read an interesting article by Mike Willis in Truth Magazine that quoted a book titled ‘Windows, Ladders, and Bridges’ by Dr. Dudley Dennison. Dr. Dennison referenced a recent study in which men in their forties who had survived a heart attack said that it was the best thing that ever happened to them.  That stuck out to me so I wanted to understand why. Here is what Dr. Dennison said,

“Most reported that these coronary episodes had made them confront, as never before, the whole question of life’s purpose, and how to live it. Several of the men felt that having a coronary was the best thing that had happened in their lives. They felt they had been wasting their lives up to that point, and the new chance they now had to reorder their priorities might otherwise never have come. One man reported that, as one form of therapy, his doctor had given him the assignment to write a clear statement of what he wanted to accomplish with the rest of his life. For the first time in years that man seriously took stock of where he had been going and where he should be going with his life.”

Dr. Dennison went on to describe another man who had been warned at an early age in life that “chasing rainbows” would only lead to heartbreak. He had forgotten how to dream.

Do you need to reassess your priorities in life?

Have you forgotten how to dream?

Many will read those two questions and answer ‘yes’, but aren’t sure where to begin. The truth is that we have all been there. “Does my life matter?” “What’s my purpose?” “Am I doing what God created me to do?” Sometimes the questions vary, but the underlying pursuit is always the same. We were created to live in connection and relationship with God. When we do so, He directs and guides us down the path we were individually created to walk. But when we fail to walk with Him, we ultimately get off track and somewhere inside we know it.

So where do we begin when we feel disconnected from God and unsure if life is really on the right track? ‘Just Choose‘ is a book that God had me write about my personal journey for answers and what He taught me along the way. In it I reveal how God taught me to practically live out my life each day confident that regardless of my circumstance or feelings, I am where I’m supposed to be.

In Psalm 27:4, David tells us that all he wants is to “dwell in the house of the Lord” all the days of his life.

As Mike Willis pointed out in his article, “This blessing must be understood in its historical context. The “house of the Lord” was the tabernacle. The tabernacle, in Israelite worship, was the place of God’s presence, the divinely revealed place and program of worship, and the place in which God revealed His will to man.” The house of the Lord isn’t a reference to heaven, but rather the presence of God! It is only in your relationship with God that you can successfully assess your life and gain the answers that you seek. If you know and do nothing else today then do this:

  1. Know that God Loves You
  2. Know that His Grace (Power, Mercy, Love, and Kindness) is sufficient for you no matter where you are or what you’ve done
  3. Pursue Him – Ask for Help. Talk to God today and just let him know you need Him. Whether you’ve done that many times or if today is the first…it’s the only way to begin. Once you begin then be sure to hold on for the ride because it will be an amazing journey.

Don’t wait for a heart attack. Move from a life of comfort to a life of significance!

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