The enemy is trying to rename us. He does not want us to know that we are children of the living God.  He would rather us think we are vice presidents, senior directors, business owners, lawyers, teachers, or architects. He would rather us think that our wealth, good deeds, or careers is what defines us.  The enemy wants to change your name from a son or daughter of God to a slave instead.

God didn’t just create us for one specific purpose. He created us to live through us in this world.  He wants to live through His children everyday and when we allow Him to do so, together we can make a difference everywhere we go.  In order to allow God to live through us, we must each surrender to Him so that together (each of us individually and Christ) can become the unique being He created us to be.  Doing so allows Him to work through us daily and fulfill our unique purpose in the world,  but the enemy doesn’t want us to know who we are and wants us to be a slave to the world instead. Don’t settle for what the world offers you.  It’s time to trust that what God has for you is better.

YOU are how God has chosen to see His kingdom come in this world. You are how He has chosen to work and change hearts. The reason we aren’t seeing people turn to God is because we aren’t allowing God to use us. We aren’t allowing Him to live through us and have settled for the comfort and distractions of the world instead…the devils plan to strip us of our identity.

Some feel unworthy or unusable, but it’s time to stand against those lies and recognize that your adequacy has nothing to do with you. Don’t forget who you are. There is no separation of your identity as a child of God when you are at work, at the grocery store, or at church on Sunday. If you want your work and your life to be blessed then you have to be who you are – a child of God.  Remember who you are today and let God live through you. You are chosen!

Author, Founder of All In Movement

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