Reigniting and refreshing the heart of the American Church to live “all in” for Jesus Christ.


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Building bridges between the western and persecuted church.

They need our resources. We need their faith!


A community of generosity that matches the unique skills and gifts of those who want to help with the specific needs of those who need it most.


A Movement of Parents across America.

Are you living the life you were born to live?  Read Michael’s “all in” story and start living your own!



Michael Phillips and his wife Cheri launched the All In Movement in 2013 to engage and mobilize Christians to be difference makers for God in the world. Everything we do is designed to both inspire and challenge the church to be All In.

If you believe in the work that God is doing through this ministry and want to be a part of making a difference in people’s lives then click “Give Now” to make a contribution or text “ALLIN” to 206-859-9405.

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